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How does the J.P. Licks Rewards Program mobile app work?

With the J.P. Licks Rewards App, you can do everything you need from managing your rewards account, placing cake orders, to recharging your stored value with a saved credit card for easy, in-store payment.


Can I use the app to pay for purchases?

Yes! You can load dollars to your stored value on your account and then use the app to quickly scan your barcode to pay. Your points for that sale will simultaneously be added to your account.


What is stored value?

You can put any amount of money on your J.P. Licks Stored Value Account by going into My Account and choosing a dollar amount. Enter your credit card number and submit. You will see the amount in your Stored Value. You can choose to save the credit card for reloads to your Cow Rewards Account. This makes for quick checkouts at the register. In the app, the choices are $10, $20, $25, $50. Custom amounts from $10 to $100 may be done on the website.


What is a reward and how do I redeem it?

You will receive 1 point for every dollar you spend. Once you register your points will then be eligible to convert into reward dollars.  For every 30 points, a $2 reward will be added to your account that can be used towards any purchase at any J.P. Licks location.

*Note: Gift Cards purchases do not accrue points.


What is a birthday reward and how do I claim it?  

In order to receive a birthday reward you must be registered and opt in for emails.  Once registered you will be in our Grazer Tier, as your number of points and visits increase you will advance into higher tiers with more rewards. The Grazer Tier birthday reward is a free small cup or cone, the Moovelous Tier is a free small sundae and the Udderly Incredible Tier birthday reward is a banana split.  All tiers will receive an email or text message notifying you of the birthday reward on the first day of your registered birthday month.


What are special additional rewards?

From time to time, we may also provide special rewards to program members. These special rewards will have expiration dates and limitations that will be communicated when the offer is made.


What are tiers and how do they work?

Tier levels reset every calendar year.  Moving up tiers is done in real time.  On the first of every year you will be set to a tier based on your dollars spent from the previous year.  For example, this year you spend 151 dollars putting you in the Moovelous Tier. On January 1, your points reset to 0 but you remain in the Moovelous Tier. If you spend less than 150 dollars during the next year, you will be placed in the Grazer Tier upon the next January reset.


What expires from rewards and when?

Birthday Rewards are valid for the month of your birthday and expire on the last day of the month.

Special promotions will have specific expiration dates on them and may vary from specific hours to days or the month.


Why do I have to register?

Registration is required to:

Redeem rewards

Track your account activity, such as your dollar accrual and redemptions

Assist us to transfer your rewards to a new card if your card is lost or stolen

And, allows you to opt-in to receive birthday rewards, special offers and promotions by email or SMS


What do I need to register?

Download the J.P. Licks App and request a card.  This will register you and provide you with a virtual card number.  Already have a card?  Download the J.P. Licks App and choose have a card, you will be asked to provide the card number and registration code from the back of the card and your name, address, phone number and email address


How do I get the J.P. Licks App?

J.P. Licks App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android


Does it cost anything to join the Cow Rewards Program?   

No. The program and the app are free for all guests. The only requirement is that your Cow Card must be registered in order to redeem any accrued rewards. Register today by clicking on the "Register Your Card" button on the Cow Rewards page.


How do I know how many Cow Rewards I have earned?

The home screen of your J.P. Licks App has a progress bar or you can go to My Account to see your account balance, any rewards you may have etc.  You may go online to or review your account history by selecting the "Transaction History" link.


Who should I contact if I have problems with my card?

You may contact us by email at


What If I forgot my password?

Simply go to and click "Log In" then "I forgot my password." This will prompt you to enter an email address, username or card number; make sure to use the email address that is associated to your rewards account and we'll send you instructions to reset your password.


I had a cow card, but lost it. Can it be replaced? 

If your lost card was registered on our website, you can log into your account at  You can reset your password by entering in your account number, username, or email address connected to the card. Once you are able to login you can access your account from the J.P. Licks Rewards App for future purchases.  If your lost card was not registered on our website, we're unable to replace it as we have no way of verifying the issuance.


I forgot to bring my Cow Card the last time I was at the restaurant. Can I still get credit for my visit?

Our system doesn't allow us to retrieve and verify your transaction. Please bring your Cow Card every time you visit J.P. Licks. Or get the J.P. Licks App for your smartphone and never miss your points again!


I have a few Cow Cards with different credits/rewards/values. Can I combine them onto a single card?

Cow Cards are great gifts, and you may find yourself with more than one. It's easy to consolidate them. Just go to "Manage My Account" and you can attach other cards to your main account, and then combine them onto one card. You cannot consolidate more than 10 cards it will lock your account.


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