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How can I get a Cow Card?

Cow Cards are available at every J.P. Licks location. To find the J.P. Licks location nearest you, click on the Where to Find Us link on any page.

You may also purchase stored value cards online here.
I lost my Cow Card. Can it be replaced? If your lost card was registered on our website, we can verify the issuance of and value on the lost card, and we're happy to replace it for you. If your lost card was not registered on our website, we're unable to replace it as we have no way of verifying the issuance of or value remaining on the lost card. Just send us an email with your card number and we will transfer your card value and/or rewards to a new Cow Card and mail it to you.
I forgot to bring my Cow Card the last time I was at the restaurant. Can I still get credit for my visit? Our system doesn't allow us to retrieve and verify your transaction. Please bring your Cow Card every time you visit J.P. Licks. Or get the J.P. Licks App for your smart phone and never miss your points again!
I have a few Cow Cards with different credits/rewards/values. Can I combine them onto a single card? Cow Cards are great gifts, and you may find yourself with more than one. It's easy to consolidate them. Just go to "Manage My Account" and you can attach other cards to your main account, then combine them onto one card.
Does it cost anything to join the Cow Card loyalty program?No. The program is free for all guests. The only requirement is that your Cow Card must be registered in order to redeem any accrued rewards. Register today by clicking on the "Register Your Card" button on the Cow Card page.
How does the Free Birthday Sundae work?

We'd love to give you a free small sundae for your birthday! To be eligible, you must:
1) Register your Cow Card at least two weeks before your next birthday
2) Opt-in for occasional (usually monthly) emails
3) Fill in your birthdate!

During the week of your next birthday, you will receive an email and your card will automatically be loaded with a free sundae. You will have 30 days from the date of the email to redeem your reward.

Please allow an extra week for processing if you happen to register your card during the week before your birthday. Our system can only look for upcoming birthdays.

What if I have more questions? There are two ways you may contact us - via email at, or via voicemail at 617.524.2520.
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